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A perfect place for your dinner. Outstanding cuisine, lounge atmosphere and fast delivery

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What Our Customers Say!

  • Amazing Experience, I love the food, music and the Thursday nights they have there Great Fun !! Try the steak... read more


    5 star ratingMy favorite place to get shrimp mofongo (white sauce)!! It's the perfect amount of soft and contains a lot of... read more

    Kasandra C. Avatar
    Kasandra C.

    5 star ratingChecked out DOS31 for brunch and had a great time from beginning to end. The atmosphere was lively and the... read more

    Hugo P. Avatar
    Hugo P.
  • This place has awesome food and a good vibe. Stumbled in trying to watch the World Cup and got a... read more

    Luke Murray Avatar
    Luke Murray

    5 star ratingMy first time coming to this spot and the food was great. The service here was quick and great as... read more

    Hermes D. Avatar
    Hermes D.

    5 star ratingFirst time here, I'm more of a cuchifrito kind of guy but I was surprised it was so good. Snapper... read more

    Frank D. Avatar
    Frank D.
  • 5 star ratingGreat staff, environment and excellent Food. My favorites so far is the Churrasco with fries and the Mofongo de chicharrones... read more

    Jose N. Avatar
    Jose N.

    5 star ratingAmazingly authentic Dominican and Latin fare. They're known for their rotisserie chicken but don't sleep on the mofongo and soups.... read more

    Vanessa B. Avatar
    Vanessa B.

    Good food. Nice music. Fair prices.

    Mary Lou Rosado Avatar
    Mary Lou Rosado
  • 5 star ratingI come here at least twice a month and every time we come the food is just as good! I... read more

    Haneen A. Avatar
    Haneen A.

    Awesome place ! Staff is great, food is delicious and the owner is one hell of a stand up guy;... read more

    Wilson Lopez Avatar
    Wilson Lopez

    If you want a chill, local, casual Dominican vibe with ocassional dance offs with random people and two charismatic and... read more

    Jessenia Santana Avatar
    Jessenia Santana
  • 5 star ratingI have a favorite dish here which is nothing short of magical. I love when you can get the juice... read more

    Dave K. Avatar
    Dave K.

    5 star ratingOmg! ! i can't get over of how delicious  our dishes were! The food is to die for and the... read more

    Liliana C. Avatar
    Liliana C.

    5 star ratingI ordered a delivery and it was super fast, food was delicious! I order two pasteles en hojas(green plantain cake)... read more

    Andrea E. Avatar
    Andrea E.
  • Love the Cubans but ordered a Steak Sandwich last night and OMG it was great!

    Tonya Rodriquez Avatar
    Tonya Rodriquez

    I've been to a lot of Spanish restaurants and I definitely have to give DOS31 Cocina Bar 5 stars. ... read more


    5 star ratingThis small restaurant has a very European appeal and the food to match.Our waiter was super helpful. Since it was... read more

    Quintin M. Avatar
    Quintin M.
  • There are no words how to describe how amazing the food was!!! The staff was great and we loved... read more

    B Lora Avatar
    B Lora

    We were extremely lucky to find this place because it was AMAZING! Food, service, atmosphere were all equally wonderful. Stephanie... read more

    Anthony Silva Avatar
    Anthony Silva

    5 star ratingVery very very one more Very good Spanish restaurant. Well managed well organized.  Service is great. Decor superb! Live DJ.... read more

    Edwin A. Avatar
    Edwin A.
  • 5 star ratingThis is one of my favorite comfort food spots. The music is always great, served are pleasant and the owner... read more

    Nia O. Avatar
    Nia O.

    5 star ratingWe went here around 10pm on a Monday.  We were the only clientele, so not sure what to expect.  What... read more

    Sasha A. Avatar
    Sasha A.

    5 star ratingCame for diner once and I used to be in the high school at El Puente Academy but they sold... read more

    Indira C. Avatar
    Indira C.
  • Really great spanish food, Dominican cooks and waitresses cater to you ,super freindly

    Edward Rodriguez Avatar
    Edward Rodriguez

    Great food and great service, very good selection of food

    Roland Waitszies Avatar
    Roland Waitszies

    5 star ratingAmazing experience everytime. Great atmosphere. The staff is amazing, the food is very good, drinks are good and you can't... read more

    KD L. Avatar
    KD L.
  • 5 star ratingWent to dinner on a Saturday and they had awesome live music the whole time. Spanish Rock Music indeed!

    Joey P. Avatar
    Joey P.

    5 star ratingGreat Spanish (Dominican) restaurant.  Came here this past Sunday for Easter. They had their regular menu and they offered a... read more

    Karen R. Avatar
    Karen R.

    5 star ratingWe came here for a late night meal and it was so delicious! We got the salmon and tilapia with... read more

    Anjali J. Avatar
    Anjali J.